CrossFit Fairbanks

CrossFit Fairbanks is the oldest CrossFit Affiliate in the interior of Alaska. We offer a wide variety of equipment with our 4,000+ sq. ft. facility. We dedicate most of the space to our CrossFit classes, which includes an 8 foot built in rig mounted to the wall and a 25 foot rig safely mounted to the floors. We’ve got everything you need from climbing ropes with our high commercial ceilings to lots of wall space for those handstand push-ups you need to kick up on the wall for. With our spacious layout, we have roughly 100 ft. of synthetic turf to do running drills on and the rest of our facility is decked in black rubber mats. During the summer season we also have 3 large garage doors that we keep open so that we can still revel in our short Alaskan summer while training. Within the facility we also have an area tucked away with our specialty equipment for any of your workout needs.