2018 Alaskan Affiliate Cup

Join us June 23rd & 24th for this years 2018 Alaskan Affiliate Cup hosted by CrossFit Fairbanks. Let’s bring our communities together once again and start this years competition off right. Registration for T-Shirts will close Monday June 11th. However, after registration for T-Shirts closes, the price will go up.

T-Shirt Colors

Northern Exposure- GREEN
CrossFit Fairbanks- PURPLE
SunDog- BLUE
Kainos- YELLOW
Turnagain- BLACK
Judges- RED

** If your Affiliate did not compete last year, colors are up for grabs.

After last years Affiliate Cup, we definitely learned a lot! There will be some changes this year which will be more accommodating for everyone. The venue this year will be held mostly at CrossFit Fairbanks with a possible swim and/or track event.

This year, we are looking for 10 people who are willing to judge Saturday AND Sunday. Judges will not have to pay a registration fee, but WILL need to SIGN UP through WODROCKET under JUDGE. ALL JUDGES will receive a RED event T-Shirt along with food and drinks supplied by CrossFit Fairbanks both days. ATHLETES CANNOT JUDGE!!! We value volunteers, so again this year if the judge feels threatened by an athlete, the athlete will be disqualified from the competition. We will not tolerate it.

We will also not be capping teams, it made sense last year to give everyone more playing time, but we have decided to keep boxes together with a smooth and efficient competition for everyone! IF you would like to split your gyms, we will give that option, but you will need 10 Athletes once again. We recommend 5 females/5 males however you choose to split it up.

Again, each team will have one designated team Captain that will be in charge of sending in a team roster once established. Once the workouts are announced, the team Captain will also be responsible for sending in what events will be scaled and what events your Masters Athletes will be competing in, so we can have that all set up beforehand.

Friday 5:30pm – 8:30pm night will be an Athlete Check-in. All athletes will pick up event T-shirts at this time (if you sign up after the June 11th deadline, you WILL NOT be receiving a T-Shirt). Socializing and movement standards for Saturday mornings workouts will be briefed. Any questions can be asked at this time.

Check-in: Saturday and Sunday morning will be between 7:30am-8:30am. We will mark all athletes at check in with a number correlated with their team. All event T-Shirts must be worn by athletes and judges during the day to not confuse anyone (you can also wear a shirt that is your team color– team colors from last year will not change).

The weekend will consist of approximately 10-15 events. We will start posting events on June 11th (after registration closes). Scoring will be the same as last year, simplified. Scoring will be the same for all events. The team with the least amount of points will be the winner.

The winning team will receive the 2018 Alaskan Affiliate Cup trophy and the title as Fittest Affiliate in the State of Alaska.

1st place team- 2018 Alaskan Affiliate Cup trophy (title)

2nd place team- 2nd place trophy

3rd place team- 3rd place trophy

If we missed anything or there are any questions, please add it to the event page on Facebook.

Payment information:

We will be using WODROCKET again this year for registering Athletes and Judges.

*Individual fees are handed off to athletes with payment.


***When registering, click on button below– Athletes register under ATHLETE page and judges register under JUDGES page!

Register Here »

Athletes: $125.00. All athletes must register and be present for the briefing Friday and Saturday night. Event T-Shirts are included with registration BY JUNE 11TH.

Judges: FREE. All judges must register and be present for briefing the Friday and Saturday night. Event T-Shirts are included with registration BY JUNE 11TH.

(All athletes and judges will receive an event T-shirt at check in on Friday IF they registered before the deadline)