2018 CrossFit Open

It is not too late! Make sure to get signed up for this years 2018 CrossFit Open!!!

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We here at CrossFit Fairbanks encourage all athletes to sign up for the CrossFit Open!

If you are in town, make sure to stop by and meet the fittest Athlete in the State of AK. Samantha Tolbert not only has been the fittest in the state since 2011, she is also Co-Owner/Head Coach of CrossFit Fairbanks! Come join us, Friday evenings at 6pm when our community will be doing the Open workout. Come in and be apart of the best Affiliate in the interior!

I compete because it forces me to be better everyday. Not only in the sport, but also in living a well balanced and healthy lifestyle. Competing drives me to be stronger mentally and physically and helps me cope with the every day stressors in life. My drive will never die.. Especially through my ups, downs and plateaus in training (Yes, that happens to everyone) I still show up and put in the work no matter how discouraging it can be. Training is like a roller coaster. One day.. Week.. or maybe even month I may feel broken, beat up and ready to quit, but I do not let that steer me away from my goals. There is not one athlete out there that can say training is easy and feel satisfied with it every day. Progress will still be made, even if it does not feel like it at the time.

Long story short, everyone should do the Open. If you have been doing CrossFit for a year or more, there is no valid excuse. If you are healthy and still kickin’ it, get signed up! The Open is a great way to start tracking progress if you have never done so before. It is also a phenomenal way to motivate you to become a better athlete each year. If you need the motivation, there it is! Additionally, it is an awesome community event and what better way to suffer through some grueling workouts than with friends! 😊

This year I will compete.. I believe it will be a lot harder to make it now with the new changes to our Region being added to California, but I will not let that discourage me. Declining my invite to Regionals last year was a real big kick in the ass; however, one of my goals is to go back. I also plan to keep my title, ‘Fittest in Alaska’. 

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There you have it! The Fittest Athlete in the State is ready to rock for this years 2018 CrossFit Open. Come on in and get your score validated through CrossFit Fairbanks… And let the Open begin…