January 2018- Meghan Terhune


Start by telling us a little about yourself..

My name is Meghan! I was born in New Mexico, and moved to Fairbanks when I was 8 years old. My dad was in the military and eventually retired up here, so I stayed and went to UAF where I received my Bachelor’s in Biology. Right now I work as a Chiropractic Assistant at Summit Chiropractic and really love the hands on work I get to do, as well as helping people feel better! I am hoping to go back to school in the next two years or so to get my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. I recently got married this last August, and I love to be outside hiking, skiing, climbing, and adventuring with my handsome husband and our adorable dogs, Clyde and Juniper!

What was your reason for joining CrossFit Fairbanks?

I was always pretty active growing up, and after my sister joined the gym, she thought I would like it and told me I should try it. After three years of trying to get me to come in with her she finally convinced me and I was hooked!!

What were your thoughts after your first workout? First week?

After my first workout I thought “Oh-no-I’ve-made-a-terrible-mistake-am-I-still-alive?!?!”, and after my first week I thought, “I don’t know how I’m going to walk this weekend, but I can’t wait to come back Monday!”

What makes CrossFit different from other workouts and fitness programs you have tried in the past?

I love the wide variety of movements and how challenging they all are in their own ways. I really appreciate having a coach so you have immediate feedback to avoid developing poor movement patterns, and avoid making mistakes which could lead to an injury! I am also a huge fan of the positive, uplifting atmosphere that comes with the gym! I truly think that the awesome people here make all the difference!

What is your favorite movement/lift? Least favorite?

My favorite movement is the Snatch! It actually used to be my least favorite, but I have come to love and appreciate it! It is both the most mentally and physically challenging for myself, which makes it all the sweeter when I make even the slightest improvements in my lift. My new least favorite movement is the burpee because I feel like a little seal flopping around, and why would anyone ever willingly want to do them?

What is your proudest CrossFit moment thus far?

My proudest moment thus far has to be tie between finally getting a 200 pound squat after working towards that goal for a few months, and FINALLY BREAKING MY MENTAL BARRIER with snatching more than 100 pounds! They both made me so proud in completely different, but equal ways! I never realized how mental Crossfit was when I first started!

What impact has working out had on you in and out of the gym?

Working out has given me so much more self confidence both in and out of the gym! It has made me a lot more comfortable with myself, and made all of the outdoor activities I love to do WAY easier!!!

Who is your favorite Superhero and why?

Wonder Woman!! I am a HUGE fan of strong, badass (can I swear on here?!) ladies!!

What is your favorite cheat meal?

MACARONI AND CHEEEEESE!!!!!!!! Homemade of course! Preferably with multiple types of cheese!

What advice would you give a prospect coming in?

Don’t give up! Be patient with yourself, and don’t get mad if there is something you can’t do because it will all come with time! It makes me so sad when people don’t see the progress that they have made, and only focus on what they have left to work on! And don’t forget EVERY single person in the gym is rooting for you!

–Notes from the Coach–

It has been an absolute privilege coaching Meghan. She is always showing up to class, even those late Friday night classes, and is eager to improve her skills and technique. Always open to constructive critique, Meghan works very hard to implement what the coaches tell her. From a coaching standpoint, I really admire Meghan’s discipline when it comes to modifying a workout to make sure her form is on point rather than ‘RX’ing’. Her concern is overall fitness and health, the root of CrossFit, and it shows! She has PR’d several lifts in the last few months and seen an increase in stamina in metcons. On top of her relentlessness to improve herself, she always makes a point to encourage other members in the class whether it’s cheering them on in a workout or asking them to stay after class to work on mobility. Thanks Meghan for all of your hard work, you are very much appreciated!
-Coach Jill