December 2017– Roy Churchwell

Photo Credit: Tracy Betts with Team RWB Fairbanks.


Start by telling us a little about yourself..

So, I graduated a few years ago from UAF’s wildlife program and since then have been working for the USFWS as a biologist. Our office is here in Fairbanks, but when I actually do work with animals I normally travel north to Kanuti National Wildlife Refuge. I spend a lot of time counting animals like moose, caribou, lynx, bears, wolves, and wolverines out there either in person or with trail cameras that I have set up on the refuge. I am excited this spring to go out and catch lynx to put satellite transmitters on them so we can see where they travel over the next year. It is going to be a really interesting project! When I am not working I like hunting, camping, fishing, and boating, and in the winter I really enjoy traveling to exotic countries to explore and watch wildlife.

What was your reason for joining CrossFit Fairbanks?

I was sitting behind a desk doing school work day-in and day-out, and it just wasn’t good for my body or my health!!

What were your thoughts after your first workout? First week?

After the first workout I thought I was going to die! After the first week, I was so sore, but I knew this was a good thing.

What makes CrossFit different from other workouts and fitness programs you have tried in the past?

The CrossFit Fairbanks community of course. There is nothing like sweating through a rough workout with others.

What is your favorite movement/lift? Least favorite?

There could be so many and it can change from week to week, day to day, rep to rep, but I currently like the snatch. It has been going well lately. Bar muscle-ups are my least favorite because I work on them all of the time and still have a lot of work until I get the movement down.

What is your proudest CrossFit moment thus far?

I did a handstand walk for about 4 feet a few days ago. I was pretty proud of that!

What impact has working out had on you in and out of the gym?

It has totally changed my life. I eat better, feel better, and I am way more confident in myself. I also don’t really compare myself to other folks anymore. It’s fun to have a friendly competition, but really I don’t care how much you lift. I just want to lift better than I did yesterday.

Who is your favorite Superhero and why?

Maybe Capt. America. He’s just a real stand-up guy!

What is your favorite cheat meal?

Biscuits and gravy after a Saturday workout.

What advice would you give a prospect coming in?

Leave your ego at the door and listen to your coach. Also, if there is something you can’t do that you want to, get some help and keep working on it.

–Notes from the Coach–

As an athlete Roy is the epitome of hard work. He is always putting in extra effort and time past the normal WODs to better himself as an athlete; no one is more consistent on working on mobility. From a coaches perspective he is always interested in the advice and cues I provide him and willingly implements them into his lifts and workouts. But more than being just an athlete in the gym he is a great member of CrossFit Fairbanks. He’s friendly and encouraging to any member that walks through the doors and a great supporter of our gym. It is always a great WOD with Roy, he never complains about a workout he just puts in the work until it’s done while encouraging you to do the same!
-Coach Leiko