November 2017- Roger Mageza



Start by telling us a little about yourself..

I moved to Fairbanks from Atlanta, GA. in February as a DoD contractor for Fort Wainwright, Fort Richardson and Fort Greely. I went to school in Georgia at Georgia Gwinnett College and played on their soccer team. Prior to moving from Georgia, I had lived in four different countries and am fluent in four different languages. Besides working out and playing soccer, I love technology and plan on being a Cyber security consultant in the near future. Additionally, I like investing in the stock market.

What was your reason for joining CrossFit Fairbanks?

When I moved to Alaska I figured I wouldn’t be playing a lot of soccer like I was used to in Atlanta, so I decided to learn a new sport. I was thinking either Martial Arts or CrossFit. My plan was to visit a number of CrossFit gyms, attend Martial Art classes and make my choice. I tried out a few of the other CrossFit gyms around town before I came into CrossFit Fairbanks. The first day I came in, was shown around and felt like the search was over. It just felt like this is what I was looking for!

What were your thoughts after your first workout? First week?

My first workout felt like the most physically challenging thing I had ever done, by the end of the week I was contemplating quitting and thinking maybe CrossFit is not for me and just try Martial Arts instead.

What makes CrossFit different from other workouts and fitness programs you have tried in the past?

CrossFit is very different from the other fitness programs I have done, because they switch up the workout everyday, thus it never becomes a routine. It is almost like everyday is my first day!

What is your favorite movement/lift? Least favorite?

Snatch is my favorite movement, because of how much technique goes into it. I do not have a least favorite lift, but my least favorite thing to do is rowing.

What is your proudest CrossFit moment thus far?

Even though I feel proud every time I am able to complete a workout, my proudest moment is when I hit a 305 pound deadlift!

What impact has working out had on you in and out of the gym?

Working out has definitely helped me get stronger. I feel like I am getting too strong for soccer now, so I may have to try American Football. Out of the gym, working out has helped me deal with stress, especially when I first moved up here. It also helped me cope with the extreme weather conditions and being away from my family and friends.

Who is your favorite Superhero and why?

Superman. That was my very first comic book as a kid and he has been my favorite ever since.

What is your favorite cheat meal?

Papa John’s Ultimate meats pizza.

What advice would you give a prospect coming in?

Learn at your own pace. Do not be fooled by how easy some people make it look, they have obviously been doing it awhile. Take your time, you will get it.

–Notes from the Coach–

It has been a pleasure working with Roger and watching his progress this past year. I could tell he was a little hesitant about CrossFit at first, but he kept showing up and asking for more. His dedication to learn is inspiring and I am so glad he stuck with it. Roger never lets his ego get in the way when it comes to lifting. If I tell him to use the bar, that is what he does. He is a bit of a perfectionist and I greatly appreciate that about him. He still has a lot more to learn and I am very grateful he chose us to guide him in his journey!
-Coach Sam