1/27/2018- Breaking Muscle FBX

Coming to your locally owned interior box January 27, 2018!

How do you stack up against Alaska’s most conditioned strength athletes? Here is your chance to find out in an individual competition by competing in the first annual BREAKING MUSCLE FBX!

The victor will be decided based on performance in a 1 Repetition Max across 4 lifts, and a metcon event. We will have an Olympic Lift, a Squat Variation, a Pressing Variation, and a Deadlift Variation. The possible lifts are listed below. Athletes will be grouped according to gender to decipher their 1 Repetition Max for each lift. There will be 1 judge for each group. Each group will start with the lightest weight on the bar while moving up to the heaviest weight and will have 3 chances to find their 4 heaviest lifts. The lifts will be drawn randomly and briefed the day of the competition! After the lifting portion, athletes will move onto a metcon. This event will be unveiled and briefed the day of the competition.

Individual– Men, Women, Masters Men, Masters Women
Masters division is considered 45+. Masters will be scored against other masters.

1st, 2nd, 3rd place: Medals and CASH PRIZES!!! -TBD-
Masters: -TBD-

Your score earned from the lifting portion will be determined using the Wilks Coefficient–given in points. It is a formula to compare performance across all weight classes and gender, favoring neither lighter or heavier athletes.
The metcon event will also be structured so that you are given a point total for your score. The final score earned by an athlete will be determined by combining the Wilks Point Total with the metcon event point total. The higher the point total, the better. For a more in depth explanation of the Wilks Formula, please visit:

8 a.m. – Athlete Check In & Weigh In
9 a.m. – Event Drawing and Movement Standard Briefing

Olympic Lift:
Squat Varation:
Back Squat
Front Squat
Overhead Squat
Pressing Variation:
Bench Press
Overhead Press
Push Press
Deadlift Variation:
Conventional Deadlift
Sumo Deadlift

T-Shirts will be included with all registration made by January 8, 2018.

$75.00 per athlete.

**All sales will be final!**


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Breaking Muscle FBX Form

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Athletes registered before January 8, 2018 will receive event T-Shirts.

For any questions, contact Casey via:

  • email: info@crossfitfairbanks.com
  • phone: 907.750.6074

And stay up to date by checking in on the Facebook event page