Getting started– Membership Details

Step #1 – Attend a Free Saturday Class

If you are interested in any of our memberships, come in and try out a free Saturday class before you choose what direction you want to go! This will give you a good taste of what our community is about! (see schedule for class times).

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Step #2 – Attend our Frame Work class

Before you join one of our group classes regularly, you will need to attend our Frame Work classes if you have not been actively involved in CrossFit. In these classes we will teach you the 9 foundational movements in a slower paced environment. You will also be shown how normal classes are run, and eased into the intensity.

Step #3 – Select a Membership

Once you are ready, talk to us about our membership options, and we will get you setup.

Frame Works
per session
-Introduction to CrossFit
-9 classes per session
-1-on-1 training
-9 fundamental movements of CrossFit
-Nutrition guidance
-How to safely and efficiently move
-Tips, pointers and scaling options.
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Unlimited CrossFit
per month
Includes CrossFit classes and Open Gym.
$30 discount for Military, Police, Firefighters.
Ask about our 24/7 add on.
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Open Gym
per month
$20 discount for Military, Police, Firefighters, service members.
Ask about our 24/7 add on.
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Personal Training
per session
-Waist measurements.
-Nutrition guidance.
10 and 20 session Punch Cards available.
Ask about our 30 minute skill sessions.
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