Casey Fonoti

Monday 10/29/2018

Strength: Every 2:30, for 15 minutes (6 sets) of: 3-Position Snatch (high hang, mid-thigh, from the floor) Rest as needed Goal is perfect mechanics. Do not exceed a load in which you can maintain perfect mechanics. Conditioning: For time: 40/30… Read more »

Friday 10/26/2018

Every 2 minutes, for 18 minutes (3 sets): Station 1 – Muscle-Ups x Max Reps in 45 seconds (OR 60-90 seconds of muscle-up skill progressions) Station 2 – Handstand Walk x 10 meters (use partner assist or Handstand Wall Runs… Read more »

Tuesday 10/23/2018

Every 2 minutes and 30 seconds, for 20 minutes (8 sets): 2 Clean Lift-Offs + 1 Power Clean (for the clean lift-offs, focus on pushing through the floor to drive the barbell to mid-patella; pause for 2 seconds at mid-patella,… Read more »

Monday 10/22/2018

A. Three sets for max reps of: Unbroken Shoulder Press @ 80% of bodyweight Rest 15 seconds Unbroken Strict Pull-Ups Rest 3 minutes Athletes should aim to use a load or assistance that will allow them to achieve at least… Read more »

Friday 10/19/2018

A. Rounds of 15, 12 and 9 reps for time of: Thrusters Burpees (recommended weights 135/95 lbs) B. Three sets of: Bulgarian Split Squat x 10 Rest 30 seconds Single-Arm Trap 3 Raises x 10 Rest 30 seconds

Wednesday 10/17/2018

Strength: Every 3 minutes, for 15 minutes (5 sets): Shoulder Press x 3-5 reps If you achieve 5 successful reps, increase the load in the next set. Conditioning: Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes of:… Read more »