About the Owners

CrossFit Fairbanks is the oldest CrossFit Affiliate in the interior of Alaska.
Casey Fonoti and Samantha Tolbert are twin sisters born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska who bought CrossFit Fairbanks together in 2016. They had both been members of the gym since nearly the beginning and when the original owner was ready to give up the business, they stepped forward and did not want to lose the place they had called their second home for quiet some time.

Casey and Samantha have athletic backgrounds and have grown up in numerous gyms watching their parents train and instruct aerobics back in the 90s. Both girls grew up playing soccer. They both started with recreational soccer at the age of 5 and became competitive soccer players by the age of 10. They both exceeded well with the teams they played with and helped make their team State Champions in 2001. Samantha is a 4x CrossFit NorthWest Regional athlete and Casey is a former National Powerlifter. Casey also has her business and accounting degrees which helped them in pursuing the business. Combining their love of training and credentials has brought them even closer to making their facility second to none.