Whole 30 Challenge

The goal of the Whole 30 Challenge is to increase your awareness as to how the things you put into your body impact you and your performance. It is a way to a better you. Take the next 30 days (starting 8/1) to restructure what you put into your body and the way you think and crave food. This challenge is scientifically proven to help detox your body of all the inflammation, common craving and blood sugar altering foods (sugars, grains, dairy, legumes). Stripping these foods from your diet will help to educate you in understanding the negative impact on your health (day-to-day) and fitness without you even realizing it.
We will meet Friday night (7/28) at 6:30pm and go over all of the fine print to what you will need to know about this diet.
Come in and get started with us today!!!